New Improved.

Turning over a new leaf, second skin or nappy change. Call it what you want, our new look is designed to help you navigate the blog better. So it better.

This is an interim post, not in the usual tenor of my diatribes, just to reassure any readers who might have caught us changing clothes. No there was nothing wrong with the earlier blog. Just that I am giving in to the gentle criticism of friends and readers about the issues of clarity in the last blog design, or theme, as it is properly called and inter alia exercising my freedom of choice as provided by WordPress Themes.

The earlier theme was called “Chaotic Soul” – and I don’t known if there was any Freudian twist there – and this one is called “Structure”. Rite of passage, one would say. Almost like moody adolescence passing into the relative order of maturity. Hopefully, we will also see more of the same reflected in the readership which is showing a surge, in spite of the style which many complain they find obtrusive and perhaps a little taxing.

I don’t know. Part of the problem is that we are now learning to read from newspapers – after CBSE, it is always a marvel we can read newspapers – and newspapers have a serious problem with style. They must whittle language down to the lowest common denominator – and there’s nothing wrong with that – if you want to be all things to all people, and nothing to most. But there is something called form and structure and fashion which adds up to style, and which makes the same story memorable which otherwise would have been just a smokestack of facts. Besides, we learnt new words from new reading, not old textbooks.

Long story short, I beg your indulgence until I learn to loosen up or lose, but I am more flexible on your other plaint which is being addressed here. So here’s the new avatar – some tweaking still due – which is not so much a change as much as it is more of the same but within a more user friendly format, as I understand.

The reverse text continues but the font will be louder. The posts are previewed and easy to scroll through and available for extended reading if required. Some Flikr pictures have been added to lend context to some of the work I keep doing – oh yes, it needs updating and we are on the job. A facebook link has been added, I think. Any other ideas on making this work better?

I cannot pretend that I had anything to do with this and the honours belong to Sonali Agrawal, my colleague in People’s Action, who managed this transmutation with an ease that makes me look like a dork.

I hope this new look gets some feedback so we know we are doing the right thing. If anyone misses the last theme too much, is sulking or heart broken and wants to talk about it, the beer’s on me.

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