Dividing to Rule.

The proposal by the Delhi CM to split up the Municipal Corporation of Delhi ostensibly to bring greater efficiency to the corruption ridden body has failed to answer some key questions and raised doubts about her intentions. Why would a Chief Minister who has always complained about multiplicity of authority in Delhi, now want some more multiplicity? Good question!

The recent proposal and naughty promotion of the concept of ‘trifurcation’ of the MCD by the Chief Minister of Delhi and now the subtle ratification of the same theory by the Home Secretary in his usual insurgent style has become embroiled in controversy if not for its purport, then for its timing. But, in all this din, the moot point still remains a quiz: Why would a CM who has for the last twelve years justified almost every failure of her Government on the blight of multiplicity of authority in Delhi would want now to subscribe to the very theory she castigated?

No wonder the BJP thinks this change of heart has more to do with a change in pulse – the coming municipal elections and the chaos in Congress ranks after a battery of scandalous exposes are known to be the genesis for this distraction, but more than that this red herring is also a simple bait for simple folks who just want a municipality that delivers. The question then arises, will a three-some do the job better than the present behemoth – and – more importantly why should we believe it can.

Fact is, plain English to speak, it can’t. The same dispensation in a three- headed avatar is unlikely to change anything because it does not in any way alter the basic mix of bureaucratic controls, departmental corruption, inertia or indeed efficiency. Given the existing nexus between local elected representatives and MCD employees, the limitations of the senior officials and their intra-political biases, any hope of an improvement merely because there will now be three parts to the same problem are totally unfounded, even childish. Merely apportioning the disease does not cure the disease, and the malady of the MCD is not size, it is culture.

The CM’s new found enthusiasm is also tainted in favour of her final ambition – securing the future of her son in the East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency. It has been reported by people close to her that her obsession with ensuring her son’s continuation in the East Delhi constituency and his future prominence has assumed abnormal proportions. The latest charade for improving the MCD’s functioning by splitting it up into three is merely a collateral development of ensuring inter alia that the MCD in East Delhi is totally responsive to her son’s electoral requirements in terms of funds spent and works done in that area.

The CM’s intent looks cloaked enough well for certain sections of media, without analyzing but with crystal gazing, to appreciate the trend of the proposal. But the hard reality and weak logic of this initiative is not lost on anyone with an impartial bent of mind. Because there is the specific issue of why a ‘trifurcation’ and not a five-way split, or more rationally, like we have demanded through the Delhi’s RWA bodies, a seven-way split to coincide with Lok Sabha constituencies which would enhance political accountability from the M.P down to the councillor.

No prizes for guessing. The three way split or trifurcation is only a subterfuge to cloak the CM’s real interest – she would only want two frankly – one in East Delhi for beta and the other be damned. But that would be too obvious and so she spins out the trifurcation formula.

Who’s buying this yarn?


Post Script: Amazingly, while looking for an appropriate image for this post I stumbled on this site which seemed to say just what I have suggested above. The image is from the same site.

Click: http://gfilesindia.com/title.aspx?title_id=69

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