Baba Vs Black Sheep – Part 2

Did the Congress see Red when it saw saffron? Or is there more to hide, than seek from Switzerland? And, is this the first day of the last days of the Congress?

 New Delhi, 5th June, 2011: The gloves are off, the fangs are bared. The Congress has finally come into its own. The surreptitious, night-time attack by the Police on Baba Ramdev’s supporters under instructions from the central government is merely a culmination of a process of organizational decay within the Congress that was always due.

For a party that is more and more run on the lines of a cult, and operates like a clique with a Mafiosi code for revenge, the latest brutality is par for the course. What is notable however, it that their denouement should be caused by their violent abhorrence of anything looking like the colour saffron.

Of course they are not alone in that. The secularists they have spawned in the civil society marketplace and who tap to their beats are almost always first off the block. And so you had a variety of them on TV for the last many days expounding breathlessly at the temerity of a Baba to go on fast against corruption as if that were a crime. The attempts by practiced henchmen type spokespersons of the Congress who tried to poison the public debate with insinuations and just plain name calling, too was an old Congress trick of speaking with a forked tongue.

And finally the poor attempts by Kapil Sibal to nail Ramdev on the basis of a scruffy, hand written note which was promptly explained away by the yoga guru – and then the irresistible veiled threat: “we have always reached out, but we can also rein in”. That’s the point I am making. We are dealing with the mafia here  – these are not ministers, not honourable men any more.

A simple question that everyone asks – irrespective of whether Ramdev has political ambitions or not, irrespective what he is all about and whether he owns anything or is a pauper, what is the issue about? And why is the C0ngress so unwilling to absorb his concerns and make them their own. I mean, it makes simple strategy to co-opt Baba Ramdev, precisely like they were forced to earlier by Anna and his folksy civil society activists. So, why the bluster? Why the muscle flexing? 

Now look what they have done. They have incensed the country; strengthened the impression that they have a lot to lose if black money is traced and generally shown themselves to be highly intolerant of any other power centre except their own; perfect fit with the Congress DNA, and with Indira Gandhi. This must be the only case in genetic history where a woman’s DNA transferred into her daughter-in-law.

So was the real problem that the Congress could not afford to be Anna Hazared once again in view of the national sentiment against corruption – and them, by popular association?  Or was it the panic at the sea of saffron – a colour that sends them into paroxysms of fear and loathing?

Either way, it may be noted that by this action the Congress has finally heralded its own end. Let us just call it the first day of the last days of the Congress.


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7 Responses to “Baba Vs Black Sheep – Part 2”
  1. loyola says:

    I think you have been vey astute in your observation of the Present Moment in India …or the ZEITGEiST of which t the Congress is oblivious ..that now there is no turning back for the people /civil society . A change has happened ..we have seen the apathy in governance after 26/11 and subsequently . The politics of self -serving are just not acceptable in the new world . the only thing that is acceptable are the highest of standards ie is integrity , sincerity , selflessness and nation buliding . we have grown up with the Congress and the country telling us that to low standards is good , to give graft is normal , to be mistreated by bureaucats is our birthright .. to live in fear of the income Tax and witch hunts is the price of being rich whoa enough …really is enough. We have got to lift ourselves up from our bootstraps and say NO ! we deserve better !

  2. sanjaykaul says:

    On the contrary. To be fair, the media has highlighted Anna and Baba Ramdev’s protests and taken the issue to new heights of national awareness.Don’t you agree?

  3. sanjaykaul says:

    You are welcome to vent.. And don’t give up so easy. Lot of work to do though!

  4. ria says:

    why according to you the media is suddenly against ramdev baba ? do you think that government is putting pressure on the media channels not to cover such events (anna hazzare or ramdev baba) ?

  5. Arushi says:

    I was venting. The only reason is directed this at you is because I (and others like me) see you as a promising entrant into a party that needs mending.

  6. Arushi says:

    The BJP must also get rid of its ugly- namely Rajnath Singh and Kalyan Singh (can’t recall if the latter rejoined). Who’s up for the UP elections next year? Lalji Tandon isn’t far from retarded either. So basically, if the BJP folks don’t know yet that good governance (think Bihar and Gujrat) is the current mantra for success, it’s time they took notice, shed the evidently self-serving and vile netas and inducted some educated, well-meaning and articulate people with reasonable IQs, else I (and many others like me) will be forced to vote in the pseudo-Indian party that I despise. Do you see the helplessness here?
    Where is the BJP that once showed the promise of a truly nationalistic and viable alternative to that self-serving that the people wanted to trust with the right policies on the economy and on terror? Gone?

  7. kukkumol says:

    I think Digvijaya Singh and Kapil Sibal r the two persons who undoubtedly have their black money abroad..otherwise why use force to silent anti corruption forces….? what was the need….? Congress is the most corrupt Govt. under the most feeble PM…..

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