Why Muslims must be appeased.

If you are wondering why the elections in UP are all about Muslims and the way they will vote, here’s a low down on why the Congress, the SP and BSP know what they are doing – and how Salman Rushdie is directly connected with the makings of a Muslim Pradesh.

In the tacit approval of the Indian Government to quarantine award-winning writer Salman Rushdie using all instruments at its command – its state government in Rajasthan, the police, the IB, the security apparatus and some high quality disinformation about a plot to assassinate him, then finally stalling his book reading and booking the writers who were actually merely readers and disallowing even a skype chat, it is perhaps deserving that the ultimate insult to India’s secular credentials should come at the behest of the Congress. Carved out of bloated Nehruvian narcissism and the Congress’ electoral expediencies, in a classic reversal of fortunes the beast it reared has come back to bite. Now the other beast it reared – the pseudo secular liberals who would sing hosannas to these guardians of the secular faith – are also readying to gnaw off the hand that fed them for so long.

[When I mentioned this to a friend he cautioned me to not take it at face value. It is possible that the Congress has actually asked the pseudo-secular brigade to attack them so that could garner some more support among the Muslims in wake of the UP elections, he said!]

So what is it about the UP elections, that makes Congress suddenly so nakedly communal and so provisionally secular? What’s with this flexible secularism, which is more and more coming to define, or if you will, defame the Congress?

Between the last despatch, where I made the argument that by timing the elections so, the Election Commission had become an extension of the Congress Party’s strategy in UP and now, only some 25 days have passed. But as you will concur, the battle lines are drawn already. The Congress has upped the ante with an escalated demand for a 9% job quota for minorities in the OBC quota in UP: the SP has determined to better that. This is after the drama played out in parliament and the Lokpal Bill was sent packing by their deft floor management after the Congress threw in the minority representation spanner in the works even as the freebies for weavers were already woven in.

Communalism – the religious right of Muslims.

Every newspaper since then, national or regional, has printed reams of analyses on UP and how the numbers stack up, how the caste cauldron bubbles and how the Muslims will vote and how their collective vote will impact the fortunes on India’s most important state election. When a prominent economic daily of the country first published their estimates of the voter blocs in UP, the list included the galaxy of the Indian caste system including yadavs, jats, vaish, jatav and the hierarchical minutiae of the caste complex as well as Muslims and even Christians in UP. It turned out that the analysis was courtesy of a research organization which was owned by a friend and I called him to point out that it seemed that while every caste and religion found a place in the study, clearly there were no Hindus in UP!

The debased electoral grammar of our politics provides that whereas the Muslims must be entertained as a religious group and encouraged to exercise suffrage as such, the Hindus may not be allowed to be consolidated and any attempt to that effect would tantamount to a breach of secularism and risk the stigma of communalism.

The media is always a good place to pick up cues, if one is really interested. A simple analysis of the media output since the elections were announced leads you to the same conclusion – the entire discourse has been dominated by what parties are promising Muslims; what Muslims want and how Muslims will vote. The odd murmur belonged to the old story of Dalits and Mayawati’s hold on them, a bit about the MBCs particularly after the Kushwaha episode and the BJP’s strategy and a few tid-bits devoted to anti-incumbency and Rahul’s antics. But anyone who cared to see, knew that the Muslim vote held centre stage going by the repeated references the community from SP and the Congress and the BSP.

The shrill response of BJP and its leaders, particularly Uma Bharti, to the proposed reservations may in retrospect look a bit hyperbolic as regards a second partition, but the thrust of the argument is validated by a genuine fear that the Congress and SP are irresponsibly pushing the envelope as regards the Hindu response to such appeasement. Ms Bharti and the BJP leaders are not speaking without basis; remember that the rise of the BJP is a direct response to precisely this trend of Muslim appeasement. With its back to the wall in UP and  the reputation of the Gandhi scion at stake, the Congress is forgetting the lessons it should have learnt by now and retracing its bellicose steps down the road to hell paved with good intentions for Muslims.

Fear is the key –  and the vote is the veto

Muslims, on their part, have claimed to aggregate behind chosen ‘psychological’ security providers such as Congress and SP in the name of a fear psychosis which was ingrained into them by regime after regime at the behest of their own community leaders who fed off the Congress – a faux fear, for Hindus never attacked the idea of Muslims within India – to the contrary, because if at all, they attacked the idea of Muslims outside India – the notion of partition. Therefore the clamour of this fear factor and its fake foundations stand revealed to the extent that instead of fearing for their security at the hands of a Hindu ethos, the opposite is becoming truer each day. Islam has wreaked more havoc in India – spread more terror and hate and continues to threaten everyone each day an aircraft flies, a train takes off, a market opens or a Mela is organised.

Even internationally, the experience is the same: Boko Haram, most recently in North Nigeria, bombs and beheads people to cauterize western influence from visiting their people. Even as the romance of the jasmine revolution is paling, the spectre of new strains of radical Islam loom in its place. And even as Pakistan looks like hitting melt down, Kashmir erupts over four Christians in their midst. Historically too, the experience has been the same.

Muslim leadership inIndia has been emaciated and today its figureheads are faceless, mindless freaks who act as agencies of an international Islamic commissariat. The community has not been able to throw up a single pan-India or even a regional leader after the first flush of independence and now a host of charlatans, mavericks, mullahs and misogynists have taken over who speak unabashedly in their codified language of implicit hate and fear and threat, bucked on by a host of Congress cohorts that provide them cover.

It is also because the Muslim leadership in India has had little to do, except ensure that the religious lines they draw for their believers continues to hold and the theory of their innate alienation with this Hindu majority land is kept alive. To that extent, they have provided robust evidence of their pattern of actions and their incipient will, their overarching ambitions. To the small time political hack it looks like Muslims vote to keep the BJP out and that looks like a valid objective. To the more sagacious, they are actualizing a grand design using the crucial elements of democracy in combination with religious fervour with stunning dexterity to achieve their ends. What the Maoists are doing and what the Muslim leadership is doing is intrinsically the same, the method alternates. But the Maoists could pick a leaf out of their book  and learn how to use a modern day political construct like democratic elections to achieve the medieval objective of eventual conquest –  if not by force of arms then by aggregation of voters and their votes. Needless to add, it takes a party like the power blinded Congress or the brain-dead SP and BSP to lend them a hand.

The making of Muslim Pradesh

A study on the post-delimitation voter populations in UP by another research group on the simple premise of Muslim names on voter lists, threw up some startling statistics. In 173 of the 403 assembly constituencies of UP, Muslims are the single largest community of voters and will decide comprehensively the winners there. The statistic threw up when the study segregated each caste and evaluated it against the community of Muslims. The study found credence because of the subdivision of other voters into their natural caste and sub-castes, ignoring the unique situation of all castes voting together.

In seven constituencies of UP, Muslims are the majority with over 50 percent of the total voter population. In 10 constituencies they are between 40 and 50 percent of the voter population. In 43 constituencies they are 30 to 40 percent of the voter population. In 27 constituencies they make up 25-30 percent of the voter population. In 34 they make up 20 to 25 percent of the population. In 52 constituencies they constitute 15-20 percent of the voter population. It is the aggregate of these constituencies that gives us the figure of 173 constituencies where Muslims will in effect determine winners. Anyone conversant with election maths will accept that most often winners are decided with a 30 to 35 percent vote share. But in all these constituencies, the common factor is that Muslims are the single largest voter bloc, with all other caste sub castes split between contenders of various factions. A corresponding check of other caste/communities shows there is no other caste bloc in numerical comparison, effectively making it a cake walk for candidates who secure Muslim support.

Once we see this, it all falls into place. Now the madness in Digvijay Singh’s utterances looks like method. Rahul’s skull cap is a head line grabber. The 9% quota looks like science; the SP’s antipathy to English, good grammar and the BSP’s Muslim-Dalit-OBC calculations, mathematical genius. Now we see why Rushdie may not attend the Lit Fest. and, why we must not sing Vande Mataram.

It is my analysis therefore that the Muslims of India are making much better use of democracy than anybody else and they provide a sterling example of fighting with whatever instruments circumstances provide, instead of waiting for appropriate armaments. It remains a scintillating contrarian study in how to use democracy and secularism to achieve its exact opposite end – stifle the opposition under the weight of polarized religious instruct.

Pre-fab strategies – tear along the dotted line.

Significantly, as you will notice from the map, an inordinate number of these constituencies are along our international border with Nepal, the erstwhile Hindu kingdom. The intuitive understanding of this phenomenon should not be lost on anyone. It is not a sectarian cry, but a plain assessment of our security concerns vis-à-visChina, Pakistanand the idea of pan-Islam and its anthem for India- weaken the state at its borders, fray its ends and prepare its fabric for a tear.

This is no conspiracy theory, no axis of evil explanation; it is a simple extrapolation of the design and an organic expression of the virulent, expansionist organizational credo of Islam. This is no blame-them game. There are no accused here – unless all are accused, and that is why it is difficult to stem this tide, or bring anyone to book. How do you deal with an animistic instinct to destroy anything that does not mirror your beliefs? What law will stem the tide of such thought?

I know that this idea will raise hackles but this is not to be read as a fatwa against Muslims individually, but as a reality of the trend of their essential collective thought leadership globally. I know that many reasonable Indian Muslims will disagree and claim to represent a modern and inclusive bent of mind, but the truth is that the DNA of their religion will make them irrelevant to the process, to the essential motor of Islamic thought and action. They will be swept away in the onslaught.

The idea that we shall in our life time see the creation of an entity as indicated in the sub-headline of this piece should merit a gasp – but only for now. The eco-system of the recent elections in UP has for the first time brought to the surface the precise outlines of exactly such a possibility. For those who think of this as a pipe-dream, it should be a wake up call. For those who think this is rabble rousing, wise up – you’re the ones who will have to deal with this – if not today, then tomorrow. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 

Illustration credit: Rahul Kumar, Unnati Research

An edited version of this post has appeared in The Pioneer, New Delhi of Saturday 28th January 2012.

6 Responses to “Why Muslims must be appeased.”
  1. YouBihar says:

    Very interesting points. Muslims vote en block. Their women will be seen in voting lines around the voting stations on election days, while Hindus will be sipping garam chai with samosas. In addition, Hindu votes are divided and taken for granted.

  2. Apoorv Misra says:

    The numbers in this article provide a strong framework to explain how minority appeasement politics has evolved in India. Perhaps the only strand of disagreement is that maybe today you don’t need to get 30% of the votes to win an election. A much lower figure would do!

    However, any analysis of “Islamic Terror” which focusses solely on the tenets of Islam is in my opinion too simplistic : and hence runs the risk of not providing an adequate solution to this vexed problem. The analysis also needs to take into account the continuing poor socio-economic indicators of Muslims in India which act as a perfect breeding ground for this feeling of fear psychosis (to the extent that an allurement of some money and 72 virgins seems too good to turn down).

    Perhaps a follow-up article which throws some light on the reasons behind the poor socio-economic indicators of Muslims in India (with perhaps the sole exception of Gujarat) would help us get a better handle on this problem.

  3. Mohanakrishnan says:

    If it happens in Gujarat, it is ‘reaching out’ – inclusion and all. Everywhere else it is appeasement. Are you not tired of this?

  4. asif hussain says:

    To jaideep bhattacharya……. ; Dear first i will thank u for ur genuine concern about secularism and root causes of muslim backwardness.I hv seen so many blogs and comments on net full of venom and hatred but urs is not so biased.I want to comment on ur five point suggestions/questions for muslim backwardness. [1]I hv just passed my MBBS and during my childhood first i went to madarsaa for early education in my native village.At that tender age i first knew hamara mulk hindustan hai hum ek azaad mulk ke bashinde hain. on 15th january i came across with rashtriagaan, tirangaa and other thing at madarsa premise.They not teach mere arabic and urdu but also other language like english and hindi and maths and science.Madarsaa provide free fooding and lodging they cater only 3% of muslim children.so poor and backward parents send them to madarsaa who can’t afford school education. some affluent parents send them to learn quran and and ahadees.Itis obvious that madarsaa passouts are not so competent that he can compete medical and engg entrance tests their numbers are very few.But they are enough trained so he can earn his livelihood sufficiently. Their means of earning are…..a]as madarsaa teacher b]in seminaries c] as govt urdu and arabic teacher c]in gulf countries d]home tutors e] becoming imaam of masjids [2]Arabic language is is one of the ancient one spoken worlwide. So like any other language it is taught in many universities and in jnu also itis one of the favorite language.Muslims are very fond of their holy book literatures which are in arabic language so they are in demand. [3]It is misunderstood that muslims breeding rate is higher than any other community bt in reality in india almost every community breed according to their social strata not according to their religion. in lower socioeconomic groups like dalits and ebc muslims their breeding rate is highest 7-10 child for every eligible couple. it is due to lack of awareness and lack of means of contraceptive measures. Irrespective of their religious belief people in india follow their strata and breed like that. [4]i agree with u that minority enrollment in primary school is 2-3 % lesser than national average but more concern should be given on higher rate of dropouts after primary or high school or intermediate.dont see madarsaa education in negative shade as it caters only 3% population and if their teachings are not ideal but not regressive as people think. madarsa students should be given technical computer and computer education for better livelihood.

  5. Arushi says:

    This won’t suffice in order to ensure Hindu or pan-religion votes. The Congress has a many-pronged strategy that includes having some well-educated and articulate people on board. The BJP is nearly broke in this regard- firebrand netas with only saffron as their political agenda and no spine otherwise (consider the BJP’s frozen feet on the Lokpal) will not accompish anything. It’s time the BJP learnt IT’S lesson. If you want the BJP to be respected (and therefore voted in) give us something to respect. The only way you can otherwise hope for votes is by anti-incumbency making you Hobson’s choice.The Babri demolition and the Gujrat riots are all that come to mind at the mention of BJP. While Mr. Jaitely may provide good verbal opposition, the understanding of oppostion as ‘oppose-everything’ (consider FDI in retail) won’t help either. The BJP comes across as only a power-monger and has no ideology and will, like most other parties, sacrifice national-interest in favour of political interest (else the Lokpal wouldn’t meet the hurdles it did).

  6. Jaideep Bhattacharjee says:

    one word for the blog- BRILLIANT. why because it is based on facts and a very strong logic. Kudos to your sir. having said so, let me share my own point of view…

    firstly, the foundation of our country was laid upon the ‘co called’ pillar of secularism but till date what baffles me most is whether we know the meaning of secularism? is secularism just about appeasement, ‘showing’ an attempt of providing voice to the so called minorities. i harped on the word so-called since I don’t consider them ‘minorities’. rather we Hindus are the minorities as our voice is never heard. so how can we be majority.

    Anyways, who gave India the legacy of appeasement. it is Congress, who created this vote bank and today thanks to their media co-horts and of course myopic regional parties like SP, BSP, the situation has turned into a cauldron with all these three parties vying with each other to get the precious votes from Muslims. who the muslims will actually vote for remain to be seen. rather it will depend upon the call of their maulanas.

    BUT, the more worrying factor is that when a nationalistic party like BJP raises objections on special quota for muslims, it is very quickly deemed as communal. how is it possible? does opposing any quote mean they are communal? did BJP ever say that they will get Hindus a quota (which is anyways unthinkable) , so how is it quota. does keeping religion ‘below’ politics actually acrue to being called communal. is it being communal to be a party and speak of Ram rajya. are we Hindus so ‘unrepresentable’?

    but i also wonder if the muslims are so blind to see that Congress & other myopic regional parties have not done anything for them, for their upliftment? it was same if not better during NDA regime, so why this allergy to BJP. how many riots happened in NDA era? did vajpayee or Advani or any other NDA leader ever do something which could give a reason to muslims to fear BJP. at least i don’t find any. it is called RSS mouthpiece but RSS is rashtravadi and not dharmavadi outfit. it works for the nation but yet, sadly, deemed communal.

    and some more issues related to muslim backwardness. my question is who is responsible? of course Congress just promised on paper to uplift them but did not do it on the grounds because congress had a natural fear that an enlightened educated muslim will see thier game plan- a game plan of keeping muslims backward, so as to solicit votes. But, i equally blame the muslims for their conditions. i have few points in this regard which are as follows:
    1) Why do they go to Madrasa? What kind of education will they get there? Will education at Madrasa prepare them for an enterance test for medical/ engineering course or for government jobs?
    2) Does study of Arabic help in any way in their development
    3) Can the entire ethos of muslims, being governed and influenced by religion , develops more holistic view on the current affairs
    4) In today’s time with high cost & low income model of common life, can a family having 5-6 kids afford their education?
    5) Has any on ever stopped poor Muslims from sending their children to government school? Surely, it would have created a better level playing field for them

    but then they will not do it. the community too needs to work its problems out. it just can not depend on the rhetorics of the congress /other regional parties for its own growth. it is time it adopts a more holistic view but then it is a wishful thinking.

    the fact remains that muslims form a decisive vote bank and this vote bank can not be neglected by Congress. it is to such an extent that it allows illegal immigrants in Assam, WB, Bihar from Bangladesh to beef up this vote bank and the community, sorry to write like this, adopts a ‘flock of sheep’ attitude and vote. oh vote, they do but mostly under the influence of a community opinion leader. and the most important reason subverting any other reason , to vote, is how much the party will support their community, will support & accept their demands. the ghetto culture and the myopic vision and poor knowledge /education further aggravates this view.

    Same logic applies , to a large extent, for the other ‘minority’ called christians. religion first, rest later. of course there are exceptions amongst all.

    but i also sadly feel that even the Hindu voters can be divided into – brahmin pradesh, SC pradesh, OBC pradesh. unlike the other two religion, the most permanent ailment with this religion is that it can NEVER think or act unitedly. and it taken advantage of.

    unless we all know what we want and work for it, it is not going to help. by work for it is simple- just go out and vote. but then we Indians are too lazy to vote.

    Fact remains that BJP is the only party which can give the desired guidance to this multipally fractured nation, bring it together and take it towards more progress. finish the great unfinished business of the NDA regime. may sanity prevail in 2014.

    Thank you again Mr. Kaul for the brilliant blog!

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