Pehle Makaan. Fir Mehmaan.

A campaign for housing rights of slum and unauthorised colony dwellers in Delhi in the context of the Commonwealth Games 2010. It is with a hopeful heart that we have embarked on this campaign because it came to me that the expenditure on the Commonwealth Games is in stark contrast to the manner in which we … Continue reading

The inky pinky

In the high decibel lecturing during electioneering in India, to citizens to come out and vote, somebody forgot to ask a few questions. If there was one thing that continued to resound all through the election season, apart from the noisy campaigning, it had to be the sanctimonious lecturing that we all received from everyone … Continue reading

Plastic Bag. Elastic Ban.

  Why the recent ban by the Delhi Government on plastic carry bags is both necessary and misplaced and why legislation is no substitute for logic.     The ban on plastic carry-bags by the Delhi Government, pursuant to High Court orders to similar effect, exhibits in one stroke the absence of sense on the … Continue reading