The day after ANNA

Why the recent mobilisation of the youth and the country on corruption could end in a whimper if the correct lessons are not sought. And, how political reform and citizen engagement are the real solutions.   It has now been analyzed threadbare that what looked like a comprehensive outpouring of public sympathy for Anna Hazare’s … Continue reading

Badly behaved Natives and the Chidam-bhram*.

Thirty minutes of mayhem on a TV Show – and why we shouldn’t take Chidambaram’s remarks seriously, and why the Government is responsible for how citizens behave. I thought I’d let the squawking pass, but it seems that the advice of Minister Chidambaram to Delhiites to enhance their social behaviour quotient in preparation for the … Continue reading

The inky pinky

In the high decibel lecturing during electioneering in India, to citizens to come out and vote, somebody forgot to ask a few questions. If there was one thing that continued to resound all through the election season, apart from the noisy campaigning, it had to be the sanctimonious lecturing that we all received from everyone … Continue reading