Rein in Rahul

From being sold as India’s future to being lampooned for jeopardizing the future of his own party, it’s been a steady ride down hill for the Gandhi scion. However the real problem is not that he is incompetent or immature; the problem is that his party cannot tell him that and must actualize his hare … Continue reading

India and the Idea of Identity.

 Written to commemorate India’s sixty-third year of Independence, this post argues that without a well defined sense of identity, nations fail to be great. And that Nehruvian political tradition has asphyxiated  our natural oeuvre. Sixty Three years after independence, even as we ponder what we have made of this nation, there will be tributes to … Continue reading

Hindutva and Politics: Time for a three dimensional view

 The importance of Hindutva in the context of nationhood is yet to be understood by many and remains unexplained to the youth. This needs to change.  At a recent programme we had organised to induct youth volunteers as supporters of the BJP, veteran RSS ideologue M.G. Vaidya and BJP National President Nitin Gadkari presented their … Continue reading

Left is Right. Right is Wrong.

 How leftists and pseudo-liberals have crowded out debate in public discourse in an attempt to muzzle the right by their obdurate head butting. But things are changing. These two pithy statements are actually modern aphorisms, and as attractively poised in their contradiction as they may look, there is a seminal synonymity between them if we … Continue reading

Hindsight, Happenstance and Hindutva – Part 2

The evolution of Hindutva as a political instrument is a work in progress.   While its opponents go berserk deriding Hindutva, they might be losing sight of a critical development taking place before their eyes. Put coarsely, the origins of the BJP’s growth, all through the muddled years of the Hindu Mahasabha, the Jana Sangh and … Continue reading

Hindsight, Happenstance and Hindutva – Part 1

Post election media frenzy dictates that the BJP was compromised by Hindutva. Maybe the media compromised its judgement? The cacophony of dirges that are being sounded ever since the post mortem of the BJP’s defeat has begun, is getting to be more like a requiem for the damned – it is no longer about any … Continue reading