Citizens Make a City

The recent nod by the municipality of Delhi for the Resident Ward Committee scheme is one small step for RWA empowerment, one giant leap for civic governance!* It will opens the flood gates to public participation and consultation, enhance transparency and accountability in the MCD and empower local self government by enshrining the Resident Welfare Association … Continue reading

Pehle Makaan. Fir Mehmaan.

A campaign for housing rights of slum and unauthorised colony dwellers in Delhi in the context of the Commonwealth Games 2010. It is with a hopeful heart that we have embarked on this campaign because it came to me that the expenditure on the Commonwealth Games is in stark contrast to the manner in which we … Continue reading

The Third Affront.

  Why third fronts happen, and why they shouldn’t.    Considering that juicy permutations of electoral admixtures has the media thrilled with   possibilities as we prepare to face the 15th General Elections, it might be appropriate to remember that the revival of the third front theme is not without numerological mysticism – for if all … Continue reading